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More than once or twice, I have repeated lately that almost all collectible card games today tend to add elements of "roguelike" and somehow follow in the footsteps of  Slay the Spire . And finally, the CCG was found, which went its own way -  Signs of the Sojourner is  not about battles, monsters, chests, relics and bosses, but about people, words and relationships.

The daughter is for the mother!

Signs of the Sojourner  tells the story of a girl with cat ears, who inherited from her mother the business of running a shop in a small town. The latter always stood in the way of the trade caravan.

Her mother herself joined the caravan to go around the surrounding settlements, trade and replenish stocks of goods. And now our heroine must take her place - for the girl this is an important test, because she must convince the leader of the caravan that she is able to competently manage the store, establish contacts, receive orders and goods.

If after six months (and this is five trips) business in the shop does not go uphill and all these trips do not give results, then the shop and the town itself, where it is located, will be excluded from the regular route of the caravan. And this will not have the best effect on business and the city. Therefore, you need to complete key tasks - as a rule, this is something to get and bring home.

Everything is learned in communication

However, don't assume that  Signs of the Sojourner  has parts of an economic strategy or a management simulator. Everything here is based on communication with the best friend of the main character (his name is Elias, and he is always waiting for her at home), as well as with characters in the surrounding settlements. These can be old mother's acquaintances, merchants, musicians, thieves, elderly gardeners and even ... androids. They have their own affairs, problems, something might happen to them, and they ask for help (for example, persuading someone to stay in the city or help with gardening).

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