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The Shantae series has   existed for almost 20 years, but during this time only five games about a half-genie girl saw the light. The fifth part of  Apple  wanted to make its Arcade service exclusive, but it turned out that last year subscribers got only a fragment of  Shantae and the Seven Sirens . The potential was already visible then, and after a few months, not only the owners of "apple" technology, but also the owners of the PC and all current consoles can try the full version.

Back to work

The authors did not experiment in the same way as in  Shantae: Half-Genie Hero - the novelty is not divided into levels, but is a metroidvania in which all locations are connected to each other. Moreover, this metroidvania is textbook, without significant innovations, made in the best traditions of the genre. There are at least two exits from most rooms, enemies are scurrying around everywhere, and in the early stages you repeatedly come across obstacles, to overcome which you obviously need some kind of inaccessible ability.

According to the plot, Shante goes to rest on the island with his uncle and friends, where he meets with the mayor, who organized a festival with the participation of the same half-genies as the main character. We quickly find the lost participants, after which a performance begins, during which the projectors go out for a couple of seconds and the whole troupe, with the exception of Shantae, is kidnapped by someone. The mayor is in a panic, his uncle asks Shante not to get involved in this business and finally have a humanly rest, but she cannot sit idly by.

The plot has never been Shantae's forte  , and nothing has changed. This is all the same simple, funny adventure with cute characters and good humor, in which the fourth wall is broken more than once, and jokes are made on timeless themes. Longtime fans of the series will meet familiar heroes (including the permanent Risky Boots), and newcomers do not need to understand the universe to enjoy the pleasant gameplay.

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