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What happens if you add  color and some Hollow Knight- style  metroidvania to  Limbo ? Or, on the contrary,  add riddles to  Hollow Knight ? The Neversong authors   tried to answer this question.

Sleep of reason

Why  Limbo ? Because  Neversong  is also a scary tale about how a boy (and our hero Pete is 10 years old) goes in search of a girl with whom something bad happened. Yes, everything is not so black and white here - the color palette is much richer, more light, and other characters are present, so there is no atmosphere of completely oppressive loneliness. But overall the spirit is the same.
At the same time, we immediately know that everything actually happens in the head of Pete, who is in a coma (the first name of the game is  Once Upon a Coma ). And it happened to him just after his girlfriend Ren was kidnapped and dragged away to some terrible place. But even in the subconscious, Pete is trying to find her.

The smile of death

What's wrong with her, where is this terrible place, what screams are heard from the depths of the Eternal Forest? Pete asks the other kids, his buddies. Some of them answer, give advice or ask for help themselves. Others say Ren is dead and giggle. Someone is always jumping, trying to count to the desired number. Someone is sitting in a tree, and one kid, suffering from "bloating disorder" (and bad language!), Swelled up, got stuck in the hatch, like Winnie the Pooh in the door of the house, and shouted: "Find a needle and stab me!"

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