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In recent weeks, all connoisseurs of collectible card games have been talking excitedly about  Monster Train  - the game started from the eighth place in sales on Steam, ahead of  Fallout 76  and  Halo: The Master Chief Collection . She also has extremely positive reviews based on almost 5,000 reviews, and on Metacritic she has a grandmaster of 85 points. Let's briefly explain why the game is so cool.

Monster Train takes the best of Slay the Spire ...

Taking the best from  Slay the Spire  is generally fashionable today, but in this case it really looks appropriate and not annoying. That is,  Monster Train  is also a roguelike card game, where, in addition to the actual duels, there is progress on the map. There we ourselves decide where to move - left or right, to buy improvements for fighters or for enchantments, collect artifacts or gold, remove two cards, or, conversely, double some, and so on. True, in  Slay the Spire  you can avoid some battles with especially strong enemies, while in  Monster Train  you cannot.

As with  Slay the Spire , in addition to the regular outing, there are also special challenges where we compete against other players. At the same time, we ourselves can create our own test. As a result of all this, new maps and artifacts are opened (they must be used in the next races and trials), ratings are compiled, and so on.

... And added Dungeon Keeper there

Action  Monster Train  takes place in hell, which was frozen after the "paradise" heroes extinguished Sunshine. We play for the bad guys, who on the title "monster truck" are carrying the last spark of hellfire to reignite the Hell. From time to time the train is penetrated by "good" - all these positive angels and knights to boredom, who attack in waves and gradually rise to get into the room with the flame and try to destroy it. And we need to protect it, exposing our fighters in the way of enemies, using enchantments and so on.

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