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First of all, Disintegration attracts attention with an unusual concept: instead of running on the ground, as in standard shooters, or looking from somewhere in the sky, as in strategies, we are offered an intermediate option. In Disintegration, you hang high enough for your inner tactician to swing, but not high enough to avoid being directly involved in battles.

Second, Disintegration is the child of Marcus Lehto, the former creative art director of Bungie, who has worked on the entire Halo series up to and including Reach. In 2012, he embarked on an independent voyage and then founded V1 Interactive, which recruited AAA industry veterans and talented students. Disintegration is the first high-profile project of the collective.
What's the point?
In Disintegration, you fly over the ground on your gravity bike and issue orders to your allies. The Gravity Cycle is equipped with two weapons - from machine guns and sticky bombs to turrets and healing cannons. Companions are also not bastard: they shoot back at opponents and can use special abilities - for example, arrange a rocket salvo or set a slowing canopy. This core of gameplay is used in both the single player campaign and multiplayer.

The gameplay has a solid storyline. A catastrophe has occurred in the world of Disintegration, because of which the existence of humanity has been threatened. What exactly happened is not so important - what matters is that people began to be rescued in an extravagant way: the brain was removed from the body, transplanted into a special container and installed in a robot. Cyberconserves are able to survive the destruction of the iron body, but they will not last long without it - this explains the need to quickly pick up the heads of fallen allies so that they respawn.

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